Book Review: Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks

Wards of Faerie (The Dark Legacy of Shannara, #1)Another start to an adventure in the Four Lands by Terry Brooks. This builds on the previous Shannara stories as hints are uncovered to where the lost Elfstones may be found. Once again, the Ohmsfords are called on to help the Druids find the lost magic. This first book in the series introduces us to the new generation of Druids, Ohmsfords, and Leahs as well as setting the stage for new intrigue in the human-run Federation and the Elven Kingdom.

I hate to say that this is formulaic, but it does follow a standard Shannara story for the most part. Unknown magic, unknown peril, power-hungry politicians, science vs. magic, and a journey into unknown dangers. That doesn’t detract from this being an entertaining story. Terry sets up an interesting quest and leaves us right at the edge wondering how our protagonists will proceed and what the next move of their enemies will be. Of course, the biggest downfall to this is waiting for the next volume to be released so we can continue the story.

I really liked the book even though it pretty much follows the normal Shannara pattern. To me, there’s a reason that pattern works and why I keep reading the series. I enjoy the characters, the magic, the quest, the conflict, and the internal struggles of the players. I like learning more about this world with its mix of science, magic, and hints of the past. I would definitely recommend this if you’ve read Terry’s work before, though probably not as a starting place to jump into this world.

You can pick up a copy of Wards of Faerie at Amazon.

Disclosure: I was given an advance copy of the ebook by the publisher with no expectations on their part. The reviews written here are my own and were not influenced in any way by the publisher.

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