Book Review: Rust–Secrets of the Cell

Rust: Secrets of the CellRust: Secrets of the Cell is a graphic novel by Royden Lepp, the second in a series started by Visitor in the Field. Secrets of the Cell follows the story of a young-looking mechanical soldier powered by a fuel cell. The soldier runs away from his place of service and attempts to hide as a semi-normal boy living with a family and helping out. A young man discovers his secret and their previously cordial relationship devolves with the young man not trusting the mechanical soldier. The mechanical soldier later has a choice to make – save the young man or escape and maintain his freedom and ability to function.

The story is interesting, though may be a bit hard to follow if you didn’t read Visitor in the Field. The artwork is well done. If you like Royden Lepp’s work, check out this book.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a review copy of Rust with no expectations on the part of the publisher. The opinions and thoughts are my own and were not influenced by anyone else.


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