Book Review: Your New Job Title Is "Accomplice" by Scott Adams

Your New Job Title Is "Accomplice": A Dilbert Book

Your New Job Title Is “Accomplice” by Scott Adams is the 40th book compiling the adventures of Dilbert in cubicle-land. Ever since Scott Adams started drawing Dilbert in the late 80’s, it’s resonated with office workers everywhere. We can see a lot of our lives in the day to day challenges Dilbert faces. We see workers finding every excuse to leave early and escape meetings, relate to the adventures many of us seem to have with outsourcing, and people in charge who just don’t understand what their employees do.

If you haven’t read Dilbert before and work in an office with cubicles, you’re missing out. Go to right now and catch up a little bit. If you have read the comic strips before, you know that this book will be more strips poking fun at life in corporate America. That doesn’t mean that the material becomes old or re-used. There’s always something new to laugh at in our corporate lives (and sadly, relate to as well).

My take: If you’re a Dilbert fan, you’ll enjoy this. There’s a chance you’ve already read the strips, even, but that doesn’t make them less funny reading them again. It’s a fun read and helps us realize that we’re not alone in our work life.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a preview copy of this book with no expectations on anyone’s part. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by anyone else.

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